UMS is also qualified to service fire suppression systems such as High and Low pressure CO2, AFFF systems, Water Mist, FM200 and Dry Chemical Powder fixed equipment. The inspection/maintenance and certification of these systems are carried out on the suppression agent’s storage vessel (cylinders, tanks) where its content level is checked, the means of extracting the agent (valves, pumps) as well as the distribution of the extinguishant agent (remote release boxes, piping, nozzles, monitors, distribution valves), and most important: the alarms and warning signals (both audible and visible) which notice the occupants of the compartments they must leave immediately. Therefore, the system is treated as a whole, leaving no parts or sectors behind which could impair the efficiency of the system in case of an emergency.

All vessels under pressure are hydrotested according to the standards and on fixed schedules, laid down by the competent authorities in each case.

Detection systems (air sampling, smoke and/or heat remote detectors) are also handled as an important part of the fire suppression system, since they give the early warning of a potential disaster.

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